Screen-by-Screen Guided Labs for US IT Camps in Spring of 2015

The following are click-through demos of the hands-on labs included in IT Camps delivered in the spring of 2015. Copies of printed lab instructions are available for attendees at event days, while an online version is also at In addition,

Lab 1

Create a virtual network, allocate a storage account and configure a cloud service. Which builds a foundation for deploying resources in Azure.

Lab 2

Deploy a VM with custom script to configure an AD forest. This AD environment is to mimic an on-premises Active Directory establishment for Lab 3 to configure DIrSync with Azure AD in cloud.

Lab 3

Create an azure AD directory followed by configuring DirSyn and MFA, i.e. multi-factor authentication. The click-through includes the deployment of an Active Directory forest, identical to the one in Lab 2 to make Lab 3 a self-contain module for learning DirSync and MFA.

Lab 4

Configure the connectivity between Azure VMs of a SQL server and an IIS server to form a web application.

Lab 5

Deploy a web application to the web server configured in Lab 4. The click-through is to be available. Subscribe the page to receive the updates.

Also for those who are interested in the required configurations for connecting with a SQL server deployed in Azure, this lab, Windows Azure SQL Server 2012 VM Connectivity Lab, has the specifics.