Building IoT Solutions with IoT Central

For those who have been working on IoT and IoT Edge, this is what we have all been waiting for. IoT Central offers a vehicle to streamline and automate the process, while shortening and accelerating your go-to-market. Edge computing has never been so easy. Ranga Vadlamudi (@RangaVadlamudi), a Microsoft Principal PM, who explained and demonstrated how one can realize an IoT Edge computing solution from planning, architecture, configuration, to deployment, visualization and monitoring. For those who just started or want to start IoT, IoT Central is a highly integrated, cohesive and converged solution platform to deliver maximal values with minimal domain-knowledge. Much peripheral knowledge on data management and visualization are in place and allow one to focus on process optimization and value extractions.  And finally those Machine Learning developers, IoT Central simplifies the mechanics to pilot a solution and allow you to focus more on developing and experimenting the analytics modules.

My presentation on 20191113

Four topics I talked about in this presentation :

  • VM preparation for migrating from on-premises to cloud
  • High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Scalability
  • Azure Internet-of-Things (IoT) edge computing
  • Machine Learning (ML) application development