A Secure Software Supply Chain with Containers

The concept of software supply chain is not a new one. What may be new is that CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) with containers makes it conceptually easy to understand and technically practical to implement. Here’s a process diagram illustrates this approach with five steps. CI/CD Process A software supply chain is here the “master” branch… Continue reading A Secure Software Supply Chain with Containers

Containerization Use Cases

The term, containerization, here denotes not only packaging an application as a container, but practicing DevOps and employing container artifacts to generate container images and instantiate instances accordingly throughout an application lifecycle. The following is a list capturing some pertinent information on containerization. There are a number of use cases that containerization may play a… Continue reading Containerization Use Cases

A Simulated IoT device with Node-RED

In the last few months, I have gradually shifted to use Node-RED as the tool for demonstrating and prototyping Azure IoT solutions. In particular, I configure a dashboard to display the ambient information sent from the device and verify the data received by an Azure IoT Hub and stored in an Azure storage account using… Continue reading A Simulated IoT device with Node-RED

NIST Guidance on Container Security

Here, a selected few of NIST documents which I’ve found very informative may help those who seek formal criteria, guidelines and recommendations for evaluating containerization and security. NIST SP 800-190 Application Container Security Guide Published in September of 2017, this document (800-190) reminds us the potential security concerns and how to address those concerns when… Continue reading NIST Guidance on Container Security

Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite Workshop Video Tutorial Series (1/5): Introduction

This series, based on the content developed by Microsoft, offers a learning path with minimal time and effort to acquire the essential operation-level knowledge of Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite. The workshop steps through a process to construct and deploy a web application with predictive analytics, while along the way introducing key functional components. By specifying… Continue reading Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite Workshop Video Tutorial Series (1/5): Introduction

Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 1: Introduction & Feature Overview

This is something I had wanted to do for a while. Finally did welcome Charles Joy, a Principal Program Manager on the Azure Stack team, back to the show and we discussed the recent release of Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 1. It’s a fun episode. Enjoy it.